Realpush has launched in-Page push notifications
Realpush has launched in-Page push notifications that suit Google regulations and allows you to reach the majority of the targeted audience.
  • In-Page push allows you to target any browser and Operating System. So, now you can maximize conversions by acquiring new users and keep monetization of your websites.
Proven benefits of using in-page push?
  • No request for getting push notifications
    There is no subscription collection, the user of the website don't need to subscribe to get the push ad.The user will see the ad while browsing the website. So, the CTR is higher.
  • No browser and OS limit
    Works well on all Operating System types including IOS. So, you can reach the fresh audience.
In-Page push notification looks like familiar Web Push notifications, it has certain technical characteristics that suits Google regulations.
How does in-page push work?
User is browsing the website. There is no need to subscribe to get push ads.

User gets in-page push ads while browsing the website. The push ads can be appeared on any browser and Operating System

You win the bidding and get money !
It's time to make the most profit.
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