How to make more money ?
Realpush offers you extra income! You get direct earnings on Realpush by monetizing websites and other traffic sources using Push Notifications. The Realpush team allows its partners to increase their income by inviting new members to Realpush network! Invite one Referral and get 5% of his income weekly! Accordingly, the more referrals you have, the greater your income is!
How does the Realpush referral system work?
  • Place your unique referral link.

  • Your referral link is available in your personal account in the Referrals section.

  • The attracted referral follows the link and registers on Realpush.

  • You get 5% of his income weekly!
How and where can you attract referrals?
Recommend and share your success in Realpush on thematic forums about affiliate programs
Post reviews of ways you monetize your traffic on Realpush with success.
Advise Realpush to your friends and send your unique link to them.
Do not forget to mention your link.
Realpush Referral program

  • 5% of referral payments.

  • The smallest payment amount to the partners is 50 USD.

  • Remuneration is transferred to the wallet specified in your account.

  • The more referrals you invite, the greater your income is.

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