Frequently Asked Questions
Who can work with Realpush?
Our offer is for direct publishers and affiliate marketers.
How long does moderation take (website, source)?
Moderation takes place during business hours and takes 5-10 minutes. Business hours: Mon.-
Fri, 10:00-18:00 (EET-Eastern European Time).
How can I contact my manager?
Personal manager will contact you via the messenger you provided. Please stay in touch with
your manager for successful cooperation.
What is Realpush operating time?
Mon.-Fri. 10:00-18:00 (EET-Eastern European Time). The schedule can change during national
holidays. Make sure to check your email, please.
Where can I find СPM rates by country?
CPM rates are provided 2 times per month. Keep in mind that all values are average and may
slightly differ from your data.
What pricing model is available at Realpush?
Realpush pays for clicks, impressions and conversions (CPM).
How often do I get paid?
Payments are made every week on Fridays for the previous week. Requests for payments form
automatically. We pay via Webmoney/Paypal/BTC/Wire.
What is the minimum payout amount?
The minimum payout amount is 50 USD.
What is Realpush referral program?
Invite new publishers to Realpush via personal invite link and earn money. You can learn more
about Realpush referral program here
What are referral earnings?
Referral earning is 5% of the paid earnings of your publisher or affiliate marketer.
What is minimal referral payment amount?
The minimal referral payment for the partners is 100 USD.
What are a Postback and a Trafficback about?
Postback – is a S2S link that transmits conversions with special parameters value (according to your tracking system). If you need to set up S2S integration, please contact our support team by email or ask your personal manager.

Trafficback – redirect URL that additionally helps to monetize not accepted traffic. Realpush user is provided with an optimized trafficback from Realpush. Opportunity of custom-trafficback installation is allowed
How can I change the type of code or a landing page?
To change the type of code, simply edit your website/source. To change the landing page, send
a request to or contact your manager.
Is it possible to set up a postback?
Yes, it is. If you need to set up S2S integration, please contact our support team by email
Which tracker should I use? is provided for free for Realpush partners.
What parameters are showed in statistics?
Tag impressions — the number of code actions or visits to the landing page
Subs subscribers
CR — conversion rate
Active — number of active subscribers at the moment
Ad requests — number of requests to ads display (do not confuse with a real display)
Clicks — number of clicks on push notifications
CPM — average revenue per 1000 clicks
CPC — cost per click
Revenue — earned income
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